Maui Property Management

Happy Guests, Happy Owners, Happy Us!

I Go Maui Vacation Rentals & Realty has over 18 years of vacation rental management experience, providing better than exceptional care of owners, their condos, and guests. We started with our own vacation rentals, building a great reputation, and a formula for success and are happy to extend our exceptional services to you.  Our motto - Happy Guests, Happy Owners, Happy Us - is what drives us to provide exceptional service and quality to both our guests and owners.

What does our motto mean?

  • Happy Guests - Oceanfront or beachfront, nicely decorated and staged, updated, great value, well-stocked, great amenities, immaculate, comfy, personalized Aloha (friendly) service,  arriving happy, and leaving happier! 
  • Happy Owners - Peace of mind, well cared for condo retreat (babied)! Enjoy your own vacation without having to spend all your precious time – shopping, repairing, and cleaning.  Have happy guests, returning guests, referrals, bookings upon bookings, and maximized revenue…Success! 
  • Happy Us - When everyone is happy, we're happy! 


Why Choose I Go Maui Vacation Rentals & Realty?

Because we are NOT like the others. Property Management Companies are not all the same, they all vary with fees, services and quality of service. We do have that extra special something that all the others don’t have and the best thing that we do is take excellent care of you. We emphasize a high quality of standards and services that we have set for ourselves and work to exceed owner and guest expectations. We maintain the owner's investment in such a way that when the owners come for a vacation, they actually get to enjoy a vacation instead of repairing, replacing, and cleaning, etc. In the long run, our regular detailed care of owner investment saves the owner money and time in the end.  


We are a State Licensed Full Service Vacation Rental Company. Our clients find us usually by word of mouth as we have never marketed our services directly to the community. Now that you are in the vacation rental business or thinking about it, you will soon learn that the care and maintenance required is time-consuming, to say the least! Hiring a reliable licensed property manager can help take the burden of management away and provide the much-coveted peace of mind, leaving you time to enjoy the benefits provided by your investment. 


Our focus is a successful strategy for strong bookings to maximize owner revenue, to encourage returning guests, great referrals and reviews, and provide quality, detailed care of the owner’s investments and to the guests who are lucky enough to enjoy them. 


We keenly focus on guest’s satisfying experience from start to finish. We effectively communicate and work closely with owners especially newcomers to the vacation rental world for easy transitioning regarding all aspects of the business, patiently answer questions, and hold hands for as long as they have needs. Once an owner partners with us we provide “Free of Charge” the sometimes much-needed staging consultation and set up making sure your condo is appropriately presented and well equipped for vacation rental “success”. Owners always have the right heart but don’t always have the right idea but we do, we have the formula… (we know what makes the guest happy) and happy equates to…”SUCCESS”!  

Ready to Start Enjoying Success with Our On-Island Peace of Mind Service?

To learn more about our great vacation rental management program please contact us for a complimentary consultation.